Veterinary Services in Greenville, MI

Veterinary Services in Greenville to Meet Your Pet's (and Your) Needs

Our veterinarians, Dr. Kinser, Dr. Shindorf, and Dr. Malik, deliver high-quality veterinary medicine that is essential to your pet’s wellness. We offer a custom approach to care which means we take time to get to know every patient and client before assigning treatments. Thirty minutes for an appointment is not unheard of, it’s our average!

Additionally, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the times. We’re the only ones in the area to offer convenient text reminders, and you can go online to schedule an appointment from your phone or laptop. Making access to veterinary care easy and convenient for owners means pets benefit from more regular checkups, too.

Learn more about all our veterinary services below.

Wellness Care

Cat Snuggles a Dog's Nose

Wellness, or preventive, care covers all your pet’s basic needs and helps prevent diseases from developing. Included in wellness care are yearly exams, blood work, vaccines, nutrition and behavioral counseling, and parasite prevention.


Vet Bandages a Dog's Leg

Most pets undergo surgery at least once in their lives, making it an important part of our veterinary services. We offer surgeries that improve your pet’s quality of life, and we make their safety and comfort our top priorities.


Veterinarian Holding a Cat

At our animal hospital, we feature a full in-house lab, digital X-rays, ultrasound, and more to better understand your pet’s health and ailments so we can treat them with personal veterinary medicine.


Dog Laying Under a Blanket

Vaccinations are deeply embedded in preventive care. They protect your pet from contracting dangerous, often fatal, diseases.

Spay and Neuter

Kitten Sitting On a Blanket

Spaying or neutering your pet sets them up for a longer, happier, healthier life. Without their reproductive hormones and the diseases and undesirable behaviors that come with them, your pet makes a healthier companion.

Dental Care

A Cat Brushing his teeth with a tooth brush

Dental care is a vital part of your pet’s preventive care. With regular professional cleanings and at-home care, your pet’s mouth, teeth, and gums can remain healthy and disease-free.

Laser Therapy

Veterinarian Giving a Dog Laser Therapy

This innovative technology harnesses light energy to speed up healing and reduce pain and inflammation in wounds, surgical incisions, and even conditions such as arthritis.

Emergency Care

Dog Laying Down On a Couch

We offer complete emergency care to pets during our regular opening hours. For after-hours care, we refer our patients to trusted 24/7 referral emergency hospitals.